Monthly Archives: December 2013

The space cash test / A matter of priorities

New blog is up. Life is a matter of priorities, and in many ways, we’re doing it wrong. Money and politics continue to trump reason and goodwill, and even the so-called First World is a shadow of its former self. It looks like we won’t make the radical changes we need anytime soon, so will we perhaps need outside help? From 12/21/2012 to South Park’s Baby-Fark McGeezax and his Space Cash Test. Check it out at The Everyman.


From the Ashes: “100 stories – musicians”

Cassette Culture webzine is running an interview I did with them a couple of months ago. Part of a really cool project, where they share the stories of 100 musicians on their website. I’m proud to be included!

I don’t wanna live on this planet anymore

Three articles I encountered on Buzzfeed this morning confirm me in my dwindling faith in humanity. Read the rest of this entry

Meanwhile in Israel…

…a rabbinical court wants to see a woman fined for refusing to mutilate her son’s genitals. The mother’s defense is that she does not want to physically harm her son. That, nor the fact that there is no actual law in Israel requiring circumcision, can stop religious institutions from imposing and maintaining ancient and harmful traditions. Religion has never let logic get in its way. Perhaps it should start now.