I don’t wanna live on this planet anymore

Three articles I encountered on Buzzfeed this morning confirm me in my dwindling faith in humanity.

Russian actor and former orthodox priest Ivan Okhlobystin wants to burn gays alive in ovens because their sexuality somehow affects his religious beliefs. Okhlobystin is apparently comfortable enough in Russia’s current social climate to unabashedly call for mass-murder.

North Korea’s defense of the execution of Jang Song Thaek shows the arrogance of absolute power. Buzzfeed’s accompanying compilation of North Korea’s propaganda offers an eerie insight into life under an authoritarian government.

Texan drunk driver Ethan Couch (16) avoids any actual punishment in his quadruple manslaughter case because of his parents’ wealth. The problem, according to psychologist Dr. G. Dick Miller, is that Couch was never taught that his actions have consequences. The solution, according to the judge, is proving that his actions really don’t have consequences. Is this the precedent that will actually allow the wealthy to get away with murder?

About Peter Reedijk

Metalhead - aspiring author. I blog about my philosophies regarding man's social evolution and how we can take charge of our own existence.

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