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The statue of Satan in Oklahoma

The Satanic Temple is trying to have a statue of Satan erected at Oklahoma State Capitol, on the same site where a monument representing the Ten Commandments was placed in 2012. The argumentation behind it is quite reasonable: if one religion can be represented on a government building site, then all religions should be able to do the same. Allowing the state of Oklahoma to celebrate Christianity at its capitol building while rejecting other belief systems would set a significant and catastrophic precedent, strengthening both the religious institution of Christianity and the political institution of the state government – at the cost of the individual’s freedom of belief. Read my latest post at The Everyman for my full take on the matter.



Every Star has its own Nature, which is ‘Right’ for it. We are not to be missionaries, with ideal standards of dress and morals, and such hard-ideas. We are to do what we will, and leave others to do what they will. We are infinitely tolerant, save of intolerance.

– Aleister Crowley