Beyond The System

There is an artificial, political dichotomy between individualism and collectivism that is fundamentally inaccurate. They are not mutually exclusive terms; they can act and will even thrive alongside each other. But it requires a leap in growth from all of us. We can work from individualism to achieve our full potential so that we can best serve the collective – suited to our own abilities and without coercion. Without the boundaries and guidelines imposed upon us by an elite or their system. The next milestone in our social evolution must be a state of absolute freedom for each individual, where the only limitation for each person is the freedom of others to think and do what they will. That balance of freedoms is precarious, but possible on the condition that we all have the sensibility, whether spiritually or rationally, that that amount of liberty benefits us all as individuals – and thus also us as a collective.

About Peter Reedijk

Metalhead - aspiring author. I blog about my philosophies regarding man's social evolution and how we can take charge of our own existence.

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