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The Birthday Massacre

The Birthday Massacre, live at PULP Event Schloss in Duisburg (Germany) on 27 March 2014.

The Birthday Massacre


The true Utopia

Beyond The System describes our civilization as being built around the institutions of government, economy and religion. My thesis is that this system has brought us as far as it can, and that we can all become better people without it. Among the response to this blog I got the understandable criticism: “It’s not very realistic.” We are deeply embedded in the system (and it in us), so naturally it is almost impossible to imagine society without it. Indeed, the machinations of the elite are partly meant to convince us that we need them and their institutions, and arguing the opposite is considered fringe ideology and not to be taken seriously. So what’s the plan? Why should we want to deconstruct the system, and what would happen next? Read my new blog over at The Everyman.