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Embracing our cultural mortality

We have seen civilizations and religions come and go, but there is a still tendency in each culture to assume that their system is the definitive one; their religion is the one true faith and theirs is the definitive form of government (in our case: liberal democracy). In our daily lives there is very little (if any) awareness of our cultural mortality – but we are essentially no different than our ancestors in the sense that our days are numbered just like theirs were. We know a broad range of systems, forms of government and economical mechanisms and they have all been tried, thrown out, sometimes tried and tried again. Each of them has served a purpose – they have resulted in today’s reality, where more people are given better opportunities than ever before.  But unfortunately, that’s where the good news ends as each of them also has a downside.

The final part in a series of blog posts: Beyond The System, The True Utopia and now Embracing Our Cultural Mortality.