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What do I want to teach my child about religion?

My wife is pregnant. And aside from the excitement that comes with that news, it also means we have been clearing out our attic to free up what will be the baby room. Among the things we are getting rid of are a small collection of (children’s) bibles and bible-themed books. These are remnants of our education and upbringing, but since neither of us are religious they landed in the “for sale”-pile. I hesitated to do so, because regardless of my feelings about organized religion I do realize the cultural impact Christianity has (had) on our society. It can be useful to know the stories and doctrines of religions; if nothing else, it’s the only way to make an informed decision about following or not following them. It made me wonder: what do I want to teach my kid about Christianity?

The answer is in my new blog.


Puzzling together the world

Homo Sapiens started out with a blank slate – a vast number of blanks to fill in – so he had to make some assumptions about his existence and he made some (very understandable) mistakes. Over time, the missing pieces of the puzzle were dubbed “God” and we painted the world in a way that we felt comfortable with. But our growing knowledge gradually replaced more and more of the “God”-pieces. In the process, the picture changed and the God-factor has gotten smaller.

It’s been a while, but I have a new post up at The Everyman: Puzzling together the world.