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Ray of sunshine



Sharing in the economy of the future

The music industry, which is desparately fighting a losing battle against innovation, will become the archetype of the new economy. Consumers will be taking back the lion’s share of economic control, deciding for themselves or in small groups what to buy and where to buy it – regulating the market through demand and open channels of information instead of lobbyists and major interest groups.

The economy of the future will be built around sharing, pay-what-you-want, second hand selling, personal means of production and crowdfunding. Read my new blog.

Lighten up

Islamic State’s campaign of barbaric violence is showing us the ugliest face of religion. What they’re doing seems extreme, but it is in fact hardly different from what people have been doing in the name of religions across the globe and throughout time. Preachers and believers alike prefer to focus on the positive aspects of their religion, but there is no denying that at the heart of at least the religions we in the West are most familiar with (Christianity, Judaism and Islam) is a fearmongering god who extorts good morals from his inexplicably flawed creating with genocide, eternal damnation and human sacrifice.

Read the rest of my new blog on why humanity needs to lighten up.