Journey through isms

Philosophy has a tendency to become a quagmire of “isms”, which can be very limiting as it requires us to define all the terms used, and then to decide which aspects to keep and which to lose or alter. But it is difficult to bypass it completely, since our human nature compells us to pigeonhole ourselves and others. This has taken me on a journey through isms – from atheism to pantheism, to humanism and agnosticism, to paganism and satanism – but self-describing is turning out to be a difficult task. I can distill from my musings a distinct spiritual aspect, but within the boundaries of a secularist society. Because realistically, we can only live together based on what we know and not just on anything anyone can come up with. If we were all to make up our own rules and boundaries, coexistence would become nigh impossible. My journey through isms has turned into a double post: Part 1 and Part 2.

About Peter Reedijk

Metalhead - aspiring author. I blog about my philosophies regarding man's social evolution and how we can take charge of our own existence.

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