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New life

New life


Religion’s two biggest problems

Inconsistency is why religions require faith, but it is also why they are not deserving of it. My new blog explains why secularism is the only rational basis for social norms. Find it at

Great day for a walk

Nice day for a walk

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Morning Mist

morning mist

Ray of sunshine


Holiday snap

Holiday snap

Out walking the dog

Walking the dog

I don’t wanna live on this planet anymore

Three articles I encountered on Buzzfeed this morning confirm me in my dwindling faith in humanity. Read the rest of this entry

Eco-nuts are just as bad as reli-nuts

We’ve always been able to count on religious nuts to blame us for angering god and causing natural disasters. Environmentalists have their own god and are equally idiotic, as proven by Marianne Thieme (Dutch Party For The Animals – no, that’s not a joke) who insists the Typhoon Haiyan is “our” fault (link in Dutch).