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The Final Incarnation – released!

Today is the release of The Final Incarnation, a six track EP available only on Bandcamp. After years of continuing line-up changes, it feels great to finally unleash these songs upon the world. This record has a dark and atmospheric vibe and a raw edge that makes it very unlike most “new school” releases these days.

Great thanks go out to my wife and family of course for being an endless source of support and inspiration. Also Terry Stooker of Tragacanth for the killer vocals. Florian van Tuil at FirmPro Studios for mastering. Raymond Aubri for laying down two of the bass tracks, Paul Backers and all other previous FtA band members for their collaboration and for the good times.

Download your copy of The Final Incarnation┬ánow for just 5 euro’s, or stream it for free over on Bandcamp. Your support is deeply appreciated! I have already started work on a follow-up for this EP so updates on that will come out when the time is ripe.